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Consider migrating to Cloud computing ? Everybody talks about Clouds. Want to be part of it as well ? Ok. But where to start from now on ?
Avoid Costs from Oversizing Data Center Anyone in the information technology  or facilities business has seen underutilized  Data Center capacity. The unused capacity of data centers and network rooms is an avoidable  capital cost, and it also represents avoidable operating and maintenance costs. Agilene  quantifies  this phenomenon by modeling the infrastructure capacity and proposes solutions  to achieve levels of adaptability  according to the real needs.
Can you predict your next business outage ? Businesses today need a technology infrastructure that is highly available. A reliable, responsive, and secure infrastructure is critical to business efficiency and growth. A small chink in technology armor could damage reputation, undermine business growth, and drastically affect customers, partners, and employees.

Are you prepared to protect your business from these risks? Can your infrastructure reduce risk exposure?
Agile Organisation Program Management is the backbone of Agilene business. We have a proven experience, judgement and ability to create and deliver large, critical programs involving distributed application environments in critical environments. Typically, we lead or collaborate with existing teams, and clients often engage us to lead program mobilisation initiatives, followed by the management of transition to permanent staff.



Efficiency in technology environments, is about extracting the maximum output from your capital investment without sacrificing resiliency and performance where it is needed. This generally involves improving average utilisation levels across tens of thousands of CPUs and hundreds of terabytes of storage capacity.


Capabilities in monitoring, analysing and remediating end-to-end performance  issues which have helped our clients achieve massive increases in eTrading market share and improve consolidation ratio.



Application availability is the number 1 priority in financial services and airlines companies. The ability to respond quickly or seamlessly to unanticipated volumes or unplanned component failures differentiates one business from another.