Critical Infrastructures

For Mission Critical Infrastructure Agilene can help you improve IT systems availability, moving you even closer to a continuous operations environment by reducing unplanned outages and reducing or potentially eliminating planned outages.


Why Agilene ?

Integration of High Availability solutions in heterogeneous computing environments demands highly knowledgeable and experienced integration consultant.

Agilene can bring to bear the combination of expertise required to meet any environment's integration needs, regardless of industry type, environment size, or technology deployed. Beyond simply the technology itself, our HA practice takes an end-to-end, holistic approach to availability focused on all aspects of your business requirements.


Practice Areas :

At Agilene  we truly understand the need to have highly available systems and processes to ensure the uptime requirements of your business needs.

Our practice includes the following areas:

  • Operating Systems' clustering
  • Database Clustering
  • Virtual HA Clusters
  • Application load balancing and fail-over Storage redundancy

Agilene is vendor agnostic; The software  includes both open source and proprietary third party offerings (like Symantec HA solutions).

Engage us today to ...

  • Architect an end-to-end HA infrastructure
  • Perform an HA audit of your mission critical systems 
  • Identify and remedy Single Points of Failure 
  • Better understand differences between HA technologies 
  • Calculate real availability numbers for your infrastructure
  • Deploy HA technologies in your environment

Cost Analysis

The lists that follow include items that a systems manager typically
has to consider. Agilene can assist you in retrieving the right values.

IT metrics

Agilene has the experience and the necessary tools to effectively perform both simple (benchmarking, trending) or more complex analysis (modeling and simulations).

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To improve continuously the processes, Agilene bases  its methodology on Six Sigma, more precisely on DMAIC.

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