Cost Analysis

The lists that follow include items that a systems manager typically
has to consider. You may have several of your own line items to add to
these lists as well.

Potential Costs to Evaluate :
Cost can be loosely grouped into three main areas: technology, people,
and facility.

Technology costs may include:

  • Initial investment in hardware or monthly lease payments
  • Annual software license costs plus periodic upgrades (for operating systems, applications, and system or network management)
  • Is one of the solutions less likely to lock you into a proprietary format in the coming years, giving you more flexibility to try other solutions?
  • Will one choice or the other allow you to retain valued workers, helping you avoid the cost of training new personnel?
  • Did you consider allowing end users to select their own operating platform, provided they can justify it and it is compatible with all existing systems? This leeway helps trim some user training costs. Per-user license cost for an operating system or applications (if structured that way)
  • Network bandwidth charges
  • Additions to overall infrastructure costs, including router ports,switch ports, and cabling
  • Cost of data backups, business continuity investments, and storage
  • Migration costs associated with a move to a new platform
Costs associated with staffing and people may encompass:
  • Labor costs, including installation, configuration, maintenance, and ongoing business management of an application or service (Measure both new hires and percentage of time to be dedicated by existing staff.)
  • Staff training needs

Facility-related or other costs to consider are:
  • Interest costs associated with any loans
  • Electricity costs associated with new machines or server rooms
  • Cost of dedicating a portion of a datacenter or server room (space rental, construction, rewiring, etc.)

Potential Savings to Evaluate :

When looking to identify areas of savings, be sure to take into account the following:

  • Have software licensing costs decreased (including the elimination of per-CPU or per-user charges)? Across how many years?
  • Were you able to retire any existing servers or other machines?
  • Can one of the solutions let you squeeze more life out of your existing hardware, substantially reducing your up-front investment?
  • Have you been able to trim staffing and management costs? If you are able to trim them, you also can cut costs fast. [Worth measuring as part of this process is the average salary of certified administrators for various types of products.]
  • Will one solution give you better options to scale your system up or down with minimal new investment?

Cost Analysis

The lists that follow include items that a systems manager typically
has to consider. Agilene can assist you in retrieving the right values.

IT metrics

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