Program Management

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In today’s economic environment, it’s essential that large IT programs gain momentum and start delivering business value quickly. Agilene can  establishing the requirements, process, structure, governance and working relationships necessary to mobilise programs of any size specially when the companies have to deal with :

  • Mergers/Acquisitions :  Converge toward a same infrastructure
  • Downsizing/ Cost cutting
  • Operational Inefficiencies
  • IT is too expensive and too slow


Solutions to reorganise Operations management are proposed to align the IT departments with the business needs in an effective way :

  • Innovative and unstable applications :  they require  strong interconnect between Business Analyst and It departments in order to provide agility  and reactivity during the industrialisation phase.
  • Critical and complex applications : even if the industrial phase is done, they require expertise to guaranty Service Levels.
  • Mature and industrialised applications : they should be fully integrated in an automatic Business Service Management (Provisioning, monitoring, administration) that respects the ITIL standards.

Agility is the catalyst of the changes!

Along the reorganisation of the Operations, Agilene  promotes the use of the  Lean Six Sigma methodology which focuses on  the process (and not the issues) in order to:

  • Improve customer satisfaction.
  • Improve the financial performance of the company.
  • Meet the strategic objectives set by senior management.

By focusing on critical processes we can:

  • Focus on the values ​​set by the client (voice of customer)
  • Focus on shareholder expectations (voice of business).
  • Streamline processes: information flow, production.
  • Eliminate malfunctions.
  • Speed ​​up the process by managing and optimizing resources.
  • Reduce the dispersion of organizational processes.
  • Improve operational performance and ensure (process capability).
  • Identify and act on the influencing factors of the process.
  • Improve working conditions, reduce stress.
  • Bring together staff from different services.
  • Give the "operational" means and tools for improvement.

Cost Analysis

The lists that follow include items that a systems manager typically
has to consider. Agilene can assist you in retrieving the right values.

IT metrics

Agilene has the experience and the necessary tools to effectively perform both simple (benchmarking, trending) or more complex analysis (modeling and simulations).

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To improve continuously the processes, Agilene bases  its methodology on Six Sigma, more precisely on DMAIC.

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